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Minibus Hire

Looking to rent a minibus? At Olympus we can offer you minibus hire at fantastic prices. Our modern fleet of minibuses and our high quality services  will ensure you have a pleasant experience when renting from Olympus.


Minibus Transfer

You want to taste a round in Corfu without caring about parking problems. We have the solution. You don't want to drive, you feel afraid or you forgot your driving license back home??No problem.


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Terms & Conditions

1. DRIVER’S AGE: Minimum 23 years for groups A & B and 25 years for car groups C, D, E, F, G, H and special group
2. DRIVER’S LICENSE: International or National held at least one year.
3. MINIMUM RENTAL: One day (24 hours). The cost for every extra hour is 10 Euros.
4. TRAFFIC FINES: All traffic fines incurred during the rental period are the renter’s responsibility.
5. DEPOSIT: A minimum deposit of 30-50 euros per day based on estimated rental charge is required.
6. INSURANCE: The customer can obtain full collision protection by purchasing Collision Damage Waiver.

Also C.D.W covers the renter in case of any scratches or any damages on tires. Regardless of whether C.D.W has accepted or not, the renter is liable for the full repair of the damages, if they have been caused by any violation of the provision of the Greek Driving Code, as well as for all the damages caused to the underside of the car as well as to the wheels, tires and mirrors. (5 euros)
(only the driver can drive the car always on tarmac (asphalt) roads, nobody else)

7. Personal Accident Insurance is available at 7 euros per Day per Person.      

  • Additional  Driver 5 euros per day.

8. All Rates Include 23% VAT
9. Gasoline (fuel): Paid by the customer. Customer should return the car back with the same level of fuel. OLYMPUS
Can not refund any money back!   

10. A minimum charge of 20 euros for deliveries and collection after 21.00 – 07.30 hours.
11. Ferrying of the car is prohibited without the authorization of OLYMPUS (extra charge 20 euros per day).
12. Cancellation Fee is 30 euros.
13. For all the special offers the collection of the car is the last day 19.00 evening time. If the customer is late, the minimum charge is 10 euros per hour.  
14. The customer should keep the car clean till the collection. If the car is not clean OLYMPUS charge the client 5 euros for cleaning the car.
15. BABY SEAT:   3 euros per day.
16. NAVIGATION  SYSTEM:  7 euros per day.                                                 

  • Always Drive Safe and use the Seat Belt.
  • Enjoy holiday driving with OLYMPUS Car Hire
  • In case we do not have the car you booked we provide you with a similar car or a better higher category car without extra costs.